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Your characters have awoken in a strange new land. They find themselves in an apartment with all their belongings from their home lands and when they look outside a whole new world stretches out before them. This city has come to be known as Fatali, a cross-street of worlds as one might call it. It remarkably bears a resemblance to a modern day municipality such as New York or Los Angeles, though more alive with a colorful nature. What mysteries lie before is a path you’ll have to take for yourself.

A certain tear in the seam of the universe’s tapestry led them to land themselves...and there is no way back to where they came from. They must make their way through the hustle and bustle of the city life. They’ll encounter old friends and old adversaries from their previous lives, come across new found love with those from the other worlds. But to make their home here they must find jobs, attend instruction at a local institute (optional), have the time of their lives and go through the drama of everyday life. This is your story . . .

please come join final_union_rpg! plenty of charies up for grabs, we'd love some fresh meat new faces!

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