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Where all the Final Fantasy characters come to "just chill"

Self-serve bar and buffet included free

All and every Final Fantasy ^.^
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This is a fan community for the Final Fantasy series by Square-enix/Squaresoft. It's not a very big community, but we're all friendly here. ^.^ If you want to post thoughts about games, pairings that you like, advertise journal or forum based rps or just talk about the latest game to be announced, it's all fine here. You can also use this community to post fanfiction or fanart, or maybe even icons that you want to share ^.^

All we ask is that you remain respectfull to the feelings and opinions of the other community members. If you don't agree with something they posted, please, dont' turn it into a flame war, or attempt to make that person feel bad for having a different view than your own. Such action will get you imeadiately removed from the community.

If you have a particularly large rp add or image to post, please put it under an lj-cut. It's only polite afterall.


sharedpaopu, an FF/KH pairing claimage community

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