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FFXIII (X-posted from girlgamers

So, I can remember,
When I was younger and FF3-6 had just come out,
Joking with my friends about FFXXIX coming out someday and such....
And now, it doesn't seem that far fetched. v.v||
Graphics wise, the game looks alright I guess. But Thats never been something very high on my priorities list.
I still play my SNES on a regular basis afterall. And I love my SP because it's my snes jr.
So I'm hoping the story will be as good at the programing and character design appears to be.
Because lately, it seems like all potential games from Square have been pushed aside and/or neglected in favor of milking FFVII for all it's worth. Time will have to tell I suppose. And since I won't be getting a PS3 for a long long LONG time, I'll have to wait till the verdict comes in from you guys to see how it turned out. v.v *nodnod*


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