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Settled once and for all.

Okay, so whenver I see an rp, it usually says something along the lines of "You can change their personalities, but relations remain the same. I.E. Mikoto is still Zidanes sister, Jecht is still Tidus' father, ect."
And I always thought, 'I've never heard of Zidane and Mikoto being related'. So, I finally looked it up and you know what?
Here's the line thats been causing the problems.

Zidane: Her name is Mokoto. She's kinda like my little sister.
(Mikoto): Wha--
Zidane: Mikoto! Listen to your big brother and make some friends!
Mikoto: H-How silly!

See, he says she's like his sister, not that she is his sister. Thats not a blood relation it's an emotional one. Meaning in an AU setting (Like say ff_unended), They could actually have a romantic relationship because the circumstances of their meeting would be different.
The truth is they're the same race, but aren't actually blood relations.
So! What does that mean for me?
It means, I get to put my mind at ease now because I finally know the answer to a question thats been dogging me for years,
AND! It means that in Unended, I shall adjust the rules accordingly. :D  (Should we ever get a Zidane Mun, that could be an interesting interaction)

And in the meantime,
Check out the awesomeness of my Imprasario lj avatar XDD
FFVI Forever! XO

-- Jett

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