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Fun weird fun stuff :þ

So, Sker is playing FFVII again, and I was looking at the ages of everyone, and there are some things that I can't wrap my head around...
well, okay, just one thing really.
See, in the best possible light, Lucrecia (at the time the game starts) would be 40 years old, which means she would have had Seph when she was 20. I calculated this because I was thinking that Vin was 37 and I thought as lovers they'd be fairly close in age.
However, when I double checked in the instuction manual, I discovered that he's actually 27 , so when I recalculated, I found that in order for Seph to be 20, the same age as Tifa, she could have to have given birth to him when she was 10 , and that was calculating her currant age at 30, not 27 like Vinnys. v.v|||
This is all very amusing to me, because they list Sephs age in the instuction manual as "unknown", to make him all mysterious like, when, in actuality, he's probably no older than Cloud himself ^.^||||
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