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Final Fantasy World is a community for all the Final Fantasy people out there. To join this community, you put in an application (posted in the community ffw_faction) and are sorted (right now by the moderator, but later on by the rest of the members). After you are sorted into one of five groups, you can join the ffantasy_world and many of the different sub-communities.

Between each of the factions (Soldier, SEED, Tantalus, Guardians, and Crimson Squad), there is a main contest of who can earn the most gil. Gil is earned by voting, owning stores, winning challenges, or other little jobs that the moderator will think up.

After you've joined, the main rule is that you must vote on applications at least once a week, but you only need to do this after the moderator has posted an official notice telling the members to start voting.

The point of the community is just a friendly competition. It gets a bunch of people together to show off their graphical/writing ability and allows them to converse about different Final Fantasy topics.

ffw_challenge - for graphical/writing challenges that will be voted upon
ffw_chocobo - for posting hiatus' when going away for a little while
ffw_shop - for constantly posting graphics and earning gil for your faction
ffw_faction - for posting applications and voting upon them
ffw_soldier - a community to discuss amongst fellow Soldier members
ffw_seed - a community to discuss amongst fellow SEED members
ffw_tantalus - a community to discuss amongst fellow Tantalus members
ffw_guardian - a community to discuss amongst fellow Guardians
ffw_crimson - a community to discuss amongst fellow Crimson Squad members

So if you're obsessed with Final Fantasy or just happen to love the games, come down and join us in ffantasy_world by posting an application in ffw_faction.
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